Independent Particle Labs provides the most accurate independent particle analysis service in the industry.

With over 25 years of experience in particle analysis, we provide contract testing for particle counting, sizing and shape analysis.

We can perform testing on wet (aqueous and non-aqueous) and dry samples. Our services include particle size analysis from 3 nanometers to 2000 microns and particle shape analysis from 5 to 2000 microns.


Services and Technology


laser diffraction

Laser Diffraction is widely regarded as the standard technique for particle size analysis. Using state-of-the-art four wavelength technology, we provide accurate, precise sample results.


coulter principle

The Coulter Principle is still the best, only technology which allows us to count and size thousands of individual particles in three dimensions.


image analysis

Shape analysis is becoming a powerful tool in determining product quality. Let us show you how to customize your shape results for your applications.



If your products fall into the Nano Technology category, please contact us for testing and advise on the best technology for nano-sized materials.